Podcast of the Week: Unsolved Murders

by Meghan Yost

First up – a quick apology because I missed last week’s ‘Podcast of the Week’ … but I’m making up for it this time around with a very entertaining show.

Growing up, I loved watching ‘Unsolved Mysteries.’ I can still vividly hear the distinct voice of host Robert Stack in my head.

Things haven’t changed much since those days … I still love a good mystery, especially when it comes to a true-life tale of murder.

Unsolved Murders‘ uses voice actors to recount homicide cases that, you guessed it, have yet so be solved. While some of the cases are famous — such as mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel — others are not as known, yet just as intriguing.

While I never lived in a time when radio was the main mode of entertainment, I imagine this podcast is similar to what those old-timey shows must have been like. Except, instead of sitting next to a radio, listening to the show as a warm fire glows brightly beside me, I’m being entertained while sitting behind the wheel of a car, driving into work..

I love the fact that this podcast uses voice actors to bring the tales to life. I can actually picture the story as its being acted out, and that makes for an entertaining commute staring at the cars in front of me. ‘Unsolved Murders’ is hosted by actor Carter Roy and voice artist and teacher Wenndy Mackenzie who are just as integral to the storytelling.

Often times episodes come in multiple parts, so you’re drawn in from one week to the next.

While the assailants of these crimes have yet to be identified, ‘Unsolved Murders’ doesn’t leave you completely hanging. At the end of each episode, the hosts give their best guess as to who the guilty party is.

This podcast is a creation of Parcast, which has a number of shows I’ve been meaning to listen to. I’m sure at least a few of them will be making an appearance soon as a ‘Podcast of the Week.’

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