Must Have Amazon Fall Fashion Finds

by Meghan Yost

In need of some fall clothes? You might like these Amazon fall fashion finds that are comfy yet stylish. Full disclosure: I was gifted these products in exchange for my honest review.

I’ve been in need of a fall wardrobe refresh so when I was offered a few essentials from Amazon, I jumped at the chance. I admittedly am not much a shopper and well, coronavirus has sort of put the kibosh on shopping in stores anyways. (I mean, you can shop in stores, you just usually can’t try anything on.)

Nowadays I much prefer to order clothes online anyways to see how they fit in the comfort of my own home. So here are some of the Amazon fall fashion finds I was recently gifted in exchange for my honest feedback. And let’s just say I wouldn’t be sharing them here on my blog if I didn’t love them.

Plaid Cardigan Jacket

amazon fall fashion finds

This jacket by Chigant is something I might have overlooked if I saw it in a store, but for some reason I decided to go for it and it is both adorable and flattering. Plus the colors are really nice. It’s definitely a staple for fall. It’s not too heavy and not too light. A goldilocks coat. 😉

Buy Now: $76.99 on Amazon

Blush Sherpa Pullover

amazon fall fashion finds
amazon fall fashion finds

If you know anything about me, you probably know blush is one of my favorite colors, which is one of the reasons I was drawn to this sherpa pullover by Chigant. Another reason? It’s sooo cozy and warm. And my daughter Grace has something similar so we can twin! I ordered a size medium because I wanted it to be snuggly and I am also afraid of it shrinking in the dryer.

Buy Now: $27.99 on Amazon

Mama Bear Sweatshirt

amazon fall fashion finds

This Blooming Jelly shirt is my new favorite because I am most definitely a fierce mama bear. Plus, it’s super cute and cozy. 🙂 It’s not so much of a sweatshirt as it is a thicker shirt, which I like. I ordered a size medium so it would be a bit on the bigger side.

Buy Now: $26.99 on Amazon

Navy Cardigan

amazon fall fashion finds

I love this classic navy cardigan by UEU. It’s easy to dress up for a night out or dress down for a day of apple picking. It’s versatile. I ordered a small but probably could have gotten away with a medium. I plan to hang this to dry but if it accidentally makes it way into the dryer (it happens), it might become too snug for me.

Buy Now: $32.98 on Amazon

Army Green Yoga Leggings

amazon fall fashion finds

Okay, so full disclosure: I don’t work out much. Like at all. I used to, but now that I spend my days chasing around a toddler, my yoga pants serve a different purpose: Everyday wear. I love the pocket on these army green pants from Blooming Jelly. It’s the perfect size for holding my cell phone when I walk to the fridge to get more snacks.

Buy Now: $22.99 on Amazon

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