A Spooky True Story: Voices Over Baby Monitors

by Meghan Yost

My family has a lot of what you would call “ghost” stories. Some are just strange occurrences. Others are downright unexplainable. I literally could write a book.

But since there’s no time for that (#momlife), I figured Halloween is the perfect day to share at least one spooky tale. This story combines one from decades ago as well as just a few weeks ago…


When my little sister Jacquelyn was a baby, my dad returned late one night from a business trip. It was about 1 or 2 in the morning. He was lying in bed, having trouble falling asleep. While lying there, he heard Jacquelyn start to cry over the baby monitor. He figured he’d let her fuss for a bit to see if she’d quiet down on her own.

But then all of a sudden he heard a woman’s voice over the monitor soothing her by saying, “It’s all right. It’s okay.”

So of course, he jumped up and ran to the nursery. No one was there.

A few days later my parents were at a party and ran into the son of the woman who used to own my parent’s house (This man grew up in my parent’s house).

My parents told the man and his wife the story from the other night. Turns out, that day was his mom’s birthday. They said, “It sounds like something she would do!” Apparently she had a lot of kids and loved them.


Flash forward to 30 years later. I now have a six month old baby girl and my husband and I recently moved into my grandparent’s old house. They’ve both passed away.

My baby Grace is currently sleeping in the same bedroom as my husband and I (my grandparent’s old master bedroom). On a recent Saturday morning, she woke up early so I nursed her and then put her back to bed.

But of course, I was now wide awake and having trouble falling back to sleep myself. So I went out into our family room to lay on the couch.

I put the baby monitor next to my head so I could hear if Grace stirred (my husband was still in the room with her sleeping).

I finally fell back asleep but was soon awoken by my husband. He asked me if I had been walking around because he was hearing footsteps out where I was. He was actually going to joke with me about it because I’m always telling him to walk quieter when the baby is sleeping.

I told him no, he actually woke me up (Thanks hubs!) … But the strangest part about it was at the time he woke me, I was having an extremely vivid dream that I was lying on the couch, hearing someone over the baby monitor next to my head saying to my daughter, “You’re so beautiful. You’re so beautiful.”

That Saturday was also my mom’s birthday (I live in the house she grew up in). So this is either a weird coincidence or my grandparents were coming to check on Grace.

Do you have a spooky story of your own? I’d love to hear it. After all, one of my childhood dreams was to become a ghost hunter. 🤣

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