Closet Organization Must-Haves

by Meghan Yost

I love having an organized home (and thankfully, so does my husband). It puts my mind at ease. I can take things being disorderly to a degree. But when things stay like that for a while, it makes me feel anxious.

Truth be told, our house is still in a bit of disarray since we moved in seven months ago. It’s not that it’s super messy or anything (we are constantly cleaning and tidying up), but not everything has found a place yet. For example, the desk I’m currently working at has stuff sitting on top of it that we haven’t yet unpacked.

The reason we haven’t quite settled in? Well, life is a lot different when there’s a baby around. It took me about a month or so just to unpack all of my clothes and get them hung up in our master closet (because most of my days during that time were spent holding Grace while she either slept or nursed … or both).

Here we are half a year later and not much has changed, which is why I’m ready to tackle our master closet with the help of Wayfair. I’ve put together a list of everything I need to get my closet in tip top shape.


Matching hangers for me have always been a must, but a few years ago when I was a reporter for a lifestyle show, a woman came to my old home to reorganize my closet for a report I was working on. One of the biggest game changers during that experience was that she removed all of my plastic hangers and replaced them with sleek black velvet ones. Now I’m hooked. Not only did she streamline my hangers, but she showed me how to hang my skirts and dress pants on them using matching black clips. That was a game changer. I like that the Black Daniel Velvet Hanger kit from Wayfair comes with not only hangers, but also clips and a tie hanger.


If I need to store items in containers, I would much rather have them be pretty baskets that I don’t mind being on display. I plan to use baskets for items like hats and other random items we have in our closet – like our travel pillows, small travel bags, etc.


We have a lot of space above our top shelf that wire dividers would be perfect for. To be honest, I didn’t even know these existed before searching Wayfair for closet organization products. I plan to store off season clothes on our top shelf … I’m counting down the days until I can put my winter sweaters up there. 😉


This is just what I need to store my purses. I currently have them below my bed, but would love to be able to see them and grab them more easily.


The 8 Loop Hanging Organizer is a perfect way to hang my scarves and shawls.


These tank top hangers save SO MUCH SPACE. I currently have one in my closet, but really need to purchase a second one since I have so many tank tops. (Or maybe I should just pare them down? hehe.)


As I mentioned, I hang my dress pants by clipping them to regular velvet hangers, but my husband uses trouser hangers to organize his pants. I love that this version is made of the same black velvet material.


I have a bin of flip flops sitting on the floor of my closet. I would much rather have them hanging in an organized way


These are two options for ties and belts. I like that the second option swivels and can hold even more ties. These are definitely items my husband needs. In our old home, he had a tie hanger mounted to the wall. I like that these don’t need to be mounted and can be moved around the closet.


Who knew there’s a hanger out there for leggings? Not this girl! When it comes to organizing my closet, this is probably the item I’m most excited about. I would love to get my leggings –including my workout leggings — out of my drawers and hanging in my closet.


These little guys are the perfect way for me to store all of my thin belts.


While these are designed for underbed storage, I plan on using them below our bottom rack of clothes to store shoes we don’t wear often (like all of those heels I used to wear to work before I decided to stay home with my baby girl).

How do you keep your closet organized? Leave your best tips in the comments below!

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