The Best Plant-Based Cafe in Southeastern Connecticut

by Meghan Yost

This post is about to get personal.

If you’ve been following my blog, or know me personally, then you know I’m an advocate for a plant-based diet. I’ve been a pescatarian (vegetarian who eats fish) since the sixth grade (re: for more than two decades), but I wouldn’t say that just because I cut out meat I was a “healthy” eater.

In hindsight, I was far from it.

While I always loved my fruits and veggies, I am a reformed fan of processed vegetarian “meats,” frozen meals, even Diet Coke (shiver).

I also struggled with “disordered eating” … At times, I would restrict and track everything I put into my mouth (re: Weight Watchers or other diets), which resulted in my weight constantly fluctuating throughout most of my 20s.

It wasn’t until I saw Dr. Joel Fuhrman speaking on Dr. Oz that I discovered the “plant based” way of eating. He was on the show talking about his book “Super Immunity: Disease Proof Your Life,” which I quickly bought and read from cover to cover. In the book, Dr. Fuhrman writes about how the food you eat is directly correlated to disease and illness. Soon after, I bought his book “Eat to Live,” reading that voraciously too.

Right Path Organic Cafe on State Street in New London, Connecticut.

If you’re not familiar with “Eat to Live,” Dr. Furhman lays out a plan that promises to help you lose up to 20 pounds in six weeks, improve your overall health, and even get those with chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes off their medications.

A general rundown of the Eat to Live plan can be found here.

While I don’t “Eat to Live” religiously (Dr. Fuhrman suggests cutting out all oils, limiting nuts to 1 ounce a day, eating two pounds of veggies a day, etc., etc.), I have totally changed my way of eating, eating a mostly plant-based diet.

…Which leads me to Right Path Organic Cafe in New London, Connecticut. The place is amazing. It’s located downtown on State Street. For those familiar with the area, the space was previously occupied by the restaurant Mangetout.

The Perspective Bowl at Right Path Organic Cafe.

The Cafe is owned by Rob Bernardo and offers smoothies, snacks, bowls, salads and desserts. My go-to is the Perspective Bowl which has rice, black beans, pico de gallo, avocado, jack “cheeze” and vegan sour cream, all served on a bed of greens (it’s soooooo gooooooddd).

Admittedly, I’ve been to Right Path at least a dozen times and have ordered the Perspective on the majority of those visits (I’m a creature of habit). My sister has gotten the Monk bowl and said it’s delicious, and my husband has tried the Wisdom bowl and is also a fan. He more than likes the bowl … he loves it.

For dessert, I love the cashew cups made with vegan raw chocolate and a creamy cashew cream filling.

The best seat in the house at Right Path Organic Cafe.

Food aside, Right Path is also a great place to meet and chat with people in the neighborhood (shoutout to Sean from Bravado!)

I love cooking plant based meals, but I also love going out to grab a bite to eat. But dining out can be difficult when you’re eating mostly fruits and veggies, so it’s nice to have a place that serves healthy and fresh meals that I feel good about eating.


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