Podcast of the Week: Fat Mascara

by Meghan Yost

In my first installment of “Podcast of the Week,” I’ve got one that will have you hooked, especially if you are a makeup and skincare lover.

Fat Mascara is a weekly show hosted by two beauty buffs entrenched in the industry: Jessica Matlin, beauty director at Harpers Bazaar and Jennifer Goldstein, beauty director at Marie Claire.

Being inside the industry, the hosts are able to wrangle in top notch guests like Vicky Tsai, founder of the Geisha-inspired line Tatcha, Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of the adaptogenic skincare company Moon Juice (maker of products like Sex Dust, Beauty Dust, etc), celebrity colorist Rita Hazan (whose helped celebrity clients like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and Beyonce achieve blonde status), and dermatologist Whitney Bowe (who looks like she hasn’t aged since she turned 25) to name just a few.

I find most of the guests fascinating. Tsai, for example, seeking help for her chronic dermatitis, traveled to Japan to learn the art of natural beauty from actual Geishas. I have yet to try her products, but they are on my “must buy” list!

I also love when guests share nuggets of wisdom that is sometimes obscure yet also enlightening. For example, celebrity makeup artist Kristofer Buckle talked about scrubbing his face with a rough kitchen sponge (the kind you use to remove baked on food off a pan). Turns out, there is such a thing as face sponges (who knew?!) but I imagine they’re a bit softer on the old epidermis.

Dr. Bowe talked about how we are over washing our faces, preventing our microbiome (bacteria, fungi) from flourishing. The result is acne, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.

At the end of each episode of Fat Mascara, Matlin and Goldstein also “raise a wand” to their favorite products, which I find is a great way to discover new things to try (so many products, so little time … and $$$).

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